"We provide all dancers with a warm, encouraging, and all inclusive environment to learn and grow their passion for dance!  Whether it's from our Tiny Tartans to Adults, we want all dancers entering our studio to experience the close family feel we have provided for the last 55 years!  ~Shannon Forrester

The Forrester School of Dance is located in Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, in eastern Canada.  The dance school is one of three main entities housed under the parent company, The Forrester Production Group Limited, owned and operated by Shannon Forrester. 


The school was established in 1965 by founder Eileen (Pottie) Forrester, and was the first of its kind in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  The school is under the co-direction of Shannon and Eileen. Shannon is also a member and performer with the Forrester Dance Company. Besides branches that existed over the years throughout the industrial Cape Breton area, programs of the school are regularly requested and offered nationally and internationally.

Each year, the students take dance examinations regulated by the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance of Scotland, a non-competitive program the school has endorsed for over 50 years.  Eileen (Pottie) Forrester has trained over 50 teachers of dance, some of whom are now operating their own dance schools locally and beyond – and who’s teachings are rooted back to the Forrester School of Dance.


Classes are offered and structured for Children ages 4 & over, Teens, and Adults in a variety of disciplines and settings. 

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Children & Adults ages 4-94!


Highland Dance

Step Dance

Celtic Hip/Jazz Combo


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