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The award winning Forrester Dance Company performs in approximately 50 shows a year and have been invited to represent Canada during many national & international festivals all over the world, including Europe, United States, Canada & Asia.  Their repertoire consists of Highland, Celtic Step Dance, Scottish National, specially choreographed and novelty dances.

They performed 22 shows at Epcot Centre in Walt Disney World as part of Rhythms of the World in 1995.  Members were also featured in the award winning movie "Margaret's Museum", the CBC series “The Pit Pony” and "Good Morning America".

They represented Canada at the World Folklore Festival in Quebec where 300,000 spectators watched their performances and participated in their workshops. During one of their performances, talent scouts from Arc Music of England selected the Dance Company musicians to record a CD of their music.


The Forrester Dance Company's musical ensemble recorded their first music CD, entitled "Music of Nova Scotia".  It contains 19 tracks, along with a booklet translated into four official languages, and is being distributed worldwide, and can be purchased through iTunes.  They continue to be true ambassadors of our Celtic culture!

They are often invited to entertain at many conferences, ceilidhs, concerts, festivals, weddings and add Liturgical dance to many Interfaith services & functions.

They also help & perform on a regular basis for such causes as: Christmas Daddies, Homeless Shelter, Loaves & Fishes, Children's Television Network, Regional Hospital Foundation, Hospice/Palliative Care and Aids Awareness, and many more.

The Forrester Dance Company consists of both junior and senior acomplished Highland & Step Celtic Dancers.


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