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Welcome all NEW and RETURNING Students:

Please use the on-line form below to register for dance classes if you are younger than 19 years old. Whether classes are for your child or for yourself, all dancers are required to complete the below form. You may also be required to sign our consent form in person.

After registering, we will gladly send you out our registration package and class schedule based on what classes you wish to enroll.  From here, all fees can be paid for by cash, visa/mastercard, or by sending an eTransfer to: 

Thank you for enrolling with us! We are thrilled to have you a part of our Forrester dance family!

Student Information
Emergency Information
Family Information
Classes Attending

Note: There is a $20+hst Annual Registration Fee for Returning Students Only

Core Programs - Returning Students
Introductory Programs - New Students
Refund Policies

For INTRODUCTORY Sessions Only *
There is a NO REFUND POLICY FOR ANY REASON ON ALL INTRODUCTORY SESSIONS. These sessions are offered at a special introductory rate to new students only.

I agree to abide by the FORRESTER DANCE SCHOOL policies/procedures provided and will adhere to the same.

A Parent or legal guardian must provide one (1) month’s written notice should your child no longer be continuing in dance class. Non attendance will not be considered as withdrawing and will not qualify for a refund. Classes will be refunded AFTER the one month’s written notice is received.

I agree to abide by the FORRESTER DANCE SCHOOL policies/procedures provided and will adhere to the same.
Parent/Guardian Consent
I hereby certify that my child is in good physical condition and is able to participate fully in this program. All current medical conditions are outlined above. *
I release the FORRESTER SCHOOL OF DANCE and its teachers from liability in case of accident or injury that may occur while attending classes at the FORRESTER SCHOOL OF DANCE and their locations. *
I have read and understood ALL of the school’s policies and will comply with such policies. *
I give permission for the FORRESTER SCHOOL OF DANCE to use my child’s name and any picture, video, and external advertisements that he/she may be in for promotional purposes for the school. *
Thanks, your registration is on its way!
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