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The Forrester Production Group Limited and The Forrester Centre are currently and actively seeking super talented, personable, collaborative, and up and coming musicians and singers for unique performance opportunities to take place at the beautiful new Forrester Centre or at other locations as specified. Performance opportunities include, but not limited to, signature events, productions, corporate, not for profit, and private events.


We seek artists of all ages, however, some of our events require artists to be 19+. 


Interested artists are asked to complete the below form and strongly encouraged to provide as much detail as possible.


We thank you all in advance for applying, however, we will contact you should we require additional information and/or want to invite you to the Centre so we can hear you sing/play.

Your Details
Talent Details
Are you a *
Performance Details
Are you open to collaborations with other artists you not have previously performed with? *
Would you also consider being involved in non-for-profit/fundraising performances without compensation? *
Other Suggestions

The Forrester Centre is a brand-new performance venue located in a very centralized area within Industrial Cape Breton. We will be providing unique experiences to our guests in several settings. Outside of the information you have just provided to us about yourself as an artist, if you have any suggestions for us regarding other types of events we can provide, how you could see yourself involved, and any interest you may with respect to utilizing the space, please elaborate below.

Thanks for sending this information, we will respond shortly!

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