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The Forrester School of Dance instructors:

  • Are all current senior members of the Forrester School of Dance, for 13 or more years.  

  • Have had many unique opportunities to represent Canada at various World Festivals.

  • Are extremely skilled and have won many of all the top awards in competition as well as school awards presented over the years during the school's annual Celebration of Dance.

  • Perform for nearly every major event, including charitable events with the industrial Cape Breton area and province.  

These young women are very well rounded individuals, and have been presented many awards from both the educational aspect of their life and within their professional careers.

Students attending the Forrester School of Dance learn


respect for others,

self-respect, etiquette,

patience, and 


enabling students to reach their goals.


It has always been our belief that dancing is more than just teaching steps.  Dancers who continue to attend the Forrester Dance School usually end up being a part of the same graduation class, thus dance friends become lifetime friends.

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