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Cape Breton Step Dancing &

Celtic Step Dancing

Cape Breton Step Dance is a hard shoe, percussive style of dance unique to Cape Breton that is said to have originated in the highlands of Scotland, Ireland, and Cape Breton itself.  Dancers are noted for dancing with straight backs and emphasis of the body is from the knees down.  The footwork is very much kept “close to the floor”.

Celtic Step Dance is a more eclectic form of step dance – deriving many aspects, movements, and steps from other styles of step dance throughout Canada , United States and Europe.  It can also encompass movements from both Highland Dance and Irish Dancing.  Celtic Step Dance is typically performed with a high energy artistic flair consisting of specially choreographed steps, movement, and other artistic elements which enhance the dancer’s performance and overall showmanship.

Step Dancing – in any form - is a recreational activity that can enjoyed by members of all age groups and of all ability levels.  It is an extremely individualized exercise that can begin at a level that is appropriate to any skill level and that can increase in intensity at any time.  Step Dancing, no matter how it is enjoyed, can have physical, mental, and social benefits to those who participate in it or simply enjoy watching.


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