Dance is a wonderful way for you to express ideas & emotions. Not only do you develop your physical skills, but you will learn the history, theory, science & appreciation of all dance forms.

At the Forrester School of Dance, we encourage good nutrition and positive body image by building self-esteem & teaching various ways to prevent injuries to the body of each dancer.

Dancers enjoy the small class sizes to encourage individual attention. Private & semi-private lessons are available upon request. A mentoring program has been in place for several years and has proven to be an excellent extra resource for younger dancers.

All dancers in the school are invited to have the opportunity to perform on stage during our annual “Celebration of Dance” every June. In addition, summer dance lessons are held each year to reinforce technique and artistic expression. 

All dancers from ages 4-94 can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere for the love of dance & keep in good physical shape as well.

DANCE: to move with measured rhythmic steps to music; bob up & down; perform; rhythmical movement, arrangement of such movements; social gathering for the purpose of dancing.

- From the Collins English Dictionary


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